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Linda Reilly's Grilled Cheese Mysteries

Linda Reilly's Brie Careful What You Wish For Linda Reilly's Cheddar Late Than Dead Linda Reilly's No Parm No Foul Linda Reilly's Up To No Gouda

Brie Careful What You Wish For : Cheddar Late Than Dead : No Parm No Foul : Up To No Gouda


linda reilly's cat lady mysteries

Linda Reilly's The Girl With The Kitten Tattoo claws for celebration

The Girl with the Kitten Tattoo : Claws of Action

claws for celebration claws of death escape claws

Claws for Celebration : Claws of Death : Escape Claws


linda reilly's deep fried mysteries

a frying shame out of the dying pan fillet of murder

A Frying Shame : Out of the Dying Pan : Fillet Of Murder


linda s reilly's apple mariani mysteries

linda reilly's some enchanted murder

Some Enchanted Murder

Some Enchanted Murder was a finalist for the 2014 Silver Falchion Award
in the category Best First Novel: Cozy, Traditional and Historical.


linda s reilly's free read mysters

sammy the sleuth by linda reilly

Sammy The Sleuth - a free read

Click the link or cover above if you’d like to read a fun, fast, Halloween mystery!
SAMMY THE SLEUTH is reprinted from an October 2002 issue of Woman’s World Magazine.